runaway camperI have been dreaming of solo full time rving for the past 4 years. I was beginning to think it would never happen. I found this small trailer that can be pulled with my car. Its call the Runaway. The factory is in Ocala, Fl which is a couple of hrs north of me. I ordered it last week. I am so excited. This picture is basic. I get to order the colors, designs and options myself. The inside come with a shelf, air conditioner, One electric plug, carpeting on floors, walls and ceiling, one door and two windows with screens. I maybe getting it on May 16th if it gets finished in time. Will post pictures as I go. My reasoning for buying a Runaway was the price and the savings in gas as I travel. It also means I can keep my car. I told my sons but I haven’t told anyone else yet. I wanted to surprise them! Most will think I have lost my marbles living in something so small. I will post pictures when I get it decorated inside. I plan on a screen house to use with it.