Isn’t it beautiful. Nothing like a Maine lake or Pond.  Sat by the open fire at night.

My Runaway Camper blog has reached its capacity so I am going to post pictures on my second blog. Continuing my trip from Florida to Maine and back again, driving 6 months by myself.

I last stopped positing on my trip from Massachusetts. You can see the first posting on my Runawaycamper blog.

This was taken in S. Berwick, Mane. I was visiting my nieces Joyce and Cindy.  I had a beautiful spot. Below the hill is a beautiful lake.  My other cousin lives at the bottom of the hill on the Lake. You will see the pictures of her house and the plane.


Source: Rewards from Wheel of Fortune, Carnival

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IMGP5269After I picked up my trailer my friends and I went to this state park.  It was very nice.  Nice sites, quiet like I like it. We spent Fri, Sat and left Sunday. We had a great time. My friend Sandy and John came with their Tab trailer they just bought and was next door to me.


DSCN1071On May 16th I saw my Runaway trailer for the first time. I was so excited. It drove like nothing in the back of my car. Did not use much more gas.

max and toilet

runaway camperRunaway Camper.


This is what my camper will look like when its built.  I will have decals added to it.   I will be going with the Patriot theme.

Only weighs 600 lbs. Should be good on gas with my car.   Heading to New England hopefully in June if I can pack up in time.


runaway camperI have been dreaming of solo full time rving for the past 4 years. I was beginning to think it would never happen. I found this small trailer that can be pulled with my car. Its call the Runaway. The factory is in Ocala, Fl which is a couple of hrs north of me. I ordered it last week. I am so excited. This picture is basic. I get to order the colors, designs and options myself. The inside come with a shelf, air conditioner, One electric plug, carpeting on floors, walls and ceiling, one door and two windows with screens. I maybe getting it on May 16th if it gets finished in time. Will post pictures as I go. My reasoning for buying a Runaway was the price and the savings in gas as I travel. It also means I can keep my car. I told my sons but I haven’t told anyone else yet. I wanted to surprise them! Most will think I have lost my marbles living in something so small. I will post pictures when I get it decorated inside. I plan on a screen house to use with it.